American Gnuity

We had a great opportunity to pitch ReadyBag to Ross Shafer, David Bradford, and Amy Reese Anderson this weekend at the American Gnuity contest. Ross Shafer, and David Bradford liked the product so much they both said they would start using it right away in their own homes, both Ross Shafer and David Bradford saw the benefit of ReadyBag and how it simplified the chore of taking out the trash. Thanks to Ross Shafer, David Bradford, and Amy Reese Anderson for the support and complements on our product!  Now it's your turn to purchase ReadyBag, begin simplifying your chore and helping out the environment! Click the BUY NOW button to purchase your ReadyBag Starter Kit for only $11.99! 

Everyone here at ReadyBag loves the entrepreneurial spirit, so of course we are fans of this competition please support American Gnuity so they can make this show a reality!