Every Day Ways to Think Green in Your Kitchen

Use reusable drinking mug: Don't purchase bottled water, using tap or filtered water saves money and no plastic bottles to add to our landfills.

Don't use disposable plates and silverware: Used disposable plates should not be added to your recycle and plastic silverware can take up to 500 year to decompose.

Reuse water:  Rinse your produce in a bowl and then use that water for your house plants or in your garden.

Don't use paper towels: Keep a dish towel by the sink to dry your hands and use a dish cloth to clean up spills and messes.

Shop local farmer's market: It's wonderful to meet the people who grow the food you are eating, the food is usually fresher and it's usually local which means it doesn't need to travel a long distance to sell.

Let's all do our part to recycle and use biodegradable products when ever possible