Bamboo, A Sustainable Product That Has Many Uses

Bamboo is a grass that grows quickly that can be cut for use and will continue to grow, this makes for a great sustainable product

Bamboo shoots can be eatenOnly the shoots of bamboo are edible. The shoot is the part of the bamboo pole early in its growth. Shoots are harvested about 2 weeks after they appear from the ground’s surface or just under 1 foot tall.

LandscapingAs a landscape plant bamboo is nearly unparalleled.  Bamboos basically require only water to thrive.  Unlike trees bamboo culms may be cut to a specific height from which point they never change shape or grow taller.  They make effective wind screens, visual screens, and depending on the thickness sound barriers.  A single row of bamboo takes up very little space but can provide much needed shade.  Rhizomes preferably grow amongst the leaf duff and in the very uppermost layer of soil creating a dense, soil grabbing network.  They plow their way through the hardest soils loosening it as they go, making it easier for other rhizomes and creatures to tunnel.  Feeder roots and culm stabilizer roots fan out and penetrate deep into the soil (6 feet or more) providing air holes and acting as straws for water percolation.  Bamboo roots and rhizomes live short lives, generally less than 5 years, and break down quickly.  In this way bamboo, like other field grasses, such as alfalfa, protects and enriches the soil, increases soil friability and cohesion, and helps water move efficiently.

Building material. More and more furniture, flooring, and even homes are being built with bamboo. Whether people like the look of the bamboo, or the way it holds up, it is becoming a more popular building material that many people are recognizing. The smooth floors hold up well in kitchens and other rooms, and the furniture, bound attractively with rattan or leather, gives any room a modern look.

Fabrics and clothing.  A fabulous trend right now is bamboo fibers being used in fabrics and clothing. Bedding made of bamboo fibers is as soft as or softer than most cotton beddings, and drapes with the look of silk without the expense. It is becoming a mainstream trend to have bamboo fabric products or clothing, populating many major chain retail stores.

Consider using bamboo to help to reduce deforestation and the use of plastics, it's great for our planet to use as many sustainable products as possible.