5 Simple, Sustainable Saving Tips

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your household chore efforts were supporting sustainability? Sometimes the smallest acts of “doing-good” provide the satisfaction needed to really go the extra mile around the house.

These five simple tips are great reminders and will not only support your green-lifestyle, but they will also help conserve some green in your pockets as well!


It is a great idea to vacuum the coils of your fridge and freezer (recommended biannually) in order to make sure that they continue running efficiently and to prevent inefficiencies that could eventually lead to greater problems. 


This is one that mom always reminded us of, but we avoided hand washing at all costs. Running the dishwasher only when it is full will save water and energy. Sure, there maybe some hand washing involved, but it’s a simple chose that goes a long way to support savings and sustainability.


Wash your laundry loads in cold water. Your clothes will come out just as clean and you won’t be wasting money and energy in reheating the water in the water heater.


If you feel like your dryer runs forever, but your clothes still aren’t dry, some lint filter maintenance might be a good idea. Be sure to always empty it after each cycle. Washing the lint filter several times a year will prevent unnecessary buildup and keep your dryer’s efficiency in tip-top shape.


Cutting foods into smaller pieces will allow them to cook faster and use less energy. This may seem tedious, but over time, all the energy saved will be money saved. 

Whether it's taking out the trash or running a load of laundry, there are simple and sustainable solutions around every corner.