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ReadyBag Starter Kit 154 Pack (FREE SHIPPING)



  • Statistically this kit is over a year and a half supply of bags!

  • Delivered FREE directly to your door!

  • Simplify your chores, have more time for fun!

  • Help out the environment!

The Patented ReadyBag Starter Kit includes 154 13-Gallon Tall Kitchen Bags, and one ReadyBag holder made of flexible recycled plastic that will permanently adhere to any plastic or metal trash bin regardless of shape or size. The holder is a onetime purchase and will last the lifetime of your trash bin.

ReadyBag Bags have the same strength/Mechanical characteristics as traditional NON-degradable bags but will be much more sustainable to our environment because of their preferred end-of-life.

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SK 154 FINAL best value.jpg